We created the Secret Club to encourage people to get out and about while exploring fun new places, and experiencing new activities.

What it does

Our app uses geotagging on the locals' secret places. We do not show a list of all of these secret places to the users initially, but instead we show only a tone of the secret. The user can then decided to physically go to the secret place and see for themselves the message from the locals.

How we built it

iOS Client: Obj-C Android Client: Java Backend: Ruby on Rails Esri - ArcGIS Platform for geotagging secrets IBM Watson - Tone Analyzer .Club - Domain name and website

Challenges we ran into

Because our app is an emotion-oriented experience, we wanted it to look the best it could. The biggest challenge, therefore, was trying to dynamically display the size and score of our secret nodes and animating in native iOS and Android. It was definitely the largest time sink.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are definitely proud of the look and feel of our map nodes. We talked to the API sponsors about this and they told us it was really difficult to actually implement that animation on native. We did it for both android and ios.

What we learned

We learned a lot about Esri's ArcGIS Platform, we also found that the amount of information in the emotional analysis was not 100 percent enough to determine the tone of a secret precisely. We had thoughts on mapping combination of emotional, language style, and social analyses.

What's next for SecretClient

We want to add video secrets and also add push notification so that you can walk around after you unlock secrets. Therefore you can just explore a area without having to constantly look at your phone. You would only need to check your phone if there is something of interest nearby

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