W&M has a secret society called the Seven Society. Every so often they put up flyers around campus recognizing seven students and one faculty member for their contributions to the College community. Which is great, but also, who says that only a weird elitist rich people club gets to thank people? And why only seven?

I believe that a community is really about lots of people making small contributions to each other's lives. And so to properly honor a community, it's going to take a lot more than seven names.

So this is Secret Sevens, a chance for W&M students to thank seven people of their own choosing. This is my way of honoring the sheer number of people contributing to the community in their own small ways.

People submit names anonymously in a Google Form; I manually moderate responses and upload them to the website. The site is just a dead simple Vue frontend - sets of names are stored in a hardcoded array that I manually update, and Vue displays one array entry at a time, with controls to cycle or shuffle through. It's hosted on Gitlab.

Built With

  • vue
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