I want more intimate experiences with my favorite artists! Is that too much to ask? Little creepy yes, but how awesome would it be to have an actual conversation with them!

What it does

Artists create a "secret set" which includes when the set goes live, what content they want to include (audio, video, live-stream), and how to structure the set (free for first 1000, $.99 after). They then send out a special link/code through their social media platforms for people to use to connect to the secret set that a specific time. Once connected consumers can interact with the artist, listen, view, and enjoy with like minded people and the artist themselves. When the artists leaves the set is over.

How we built it

React Native mobile app deployed to iOS, built on-top of Firebase for real-time messaging and Twilio SMS for auth.

Sponsor API's employed

MusicGraph for artist music metrics

Challenges we ran into

Probably spent too much time on polish, doh! Couldn't complete the global audio/video syncing so had to default to client specific instances.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A deployed iOS app in 24hrs, a pretty wicked on-boarding flow (I like the little things)

What we learned

React Native is still behind and we needed a few Object C bridges to fill the gaps, Artists are really hard to get a hold of... like seriously. However, talking with Alex was nice!

What's next for Secret Set

Finish up the chat features, polish some more, and get ready to deploy to iOS. However, I really am going to start working on outreach to artists, because they are really the key to making Secret Set great!

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