As children, my team always believed in Santa Claus. Growing up only deteriorated the fact of not having a santa in real life. To fill the gap, we made Secret Santa App, to be happy and keep patience for our gift!

What it does

Our app lets the user create or join an event (Christmas party). Helps in gift selection, its lets the user have access to Secret Santa's wish list and purchase via the app. It also tells the secret Santa participants and a vague guess on who might be your secret Santa!

How I built it

While developing this application, we integrated CircleCI into the GitHub repository to automatically monitor the build status of the added unit test included throughout the application. In addition to CircleCi, we also incorporated Code Climate monitoring services into this repository to ensure overall code quality best practices were incorporated throughout the development of this application. Instead of using a traditional promise-based HTTP client to pull data from the backend database used to store the application's data, we used the GraphQL API client to make API calls to our SQL-based backend database. This project contains two package.json files - one at the root directory and another in the client folder.

Challenges I ran into

Using the GraphQL API client to make API calls to our SQL-based backend database was a bit challenging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Completing the project before the deadline.

What I learned

We learned the different abilities to specifically identify the data items needed within a single call without using multiple, lengthy endpoints and Axios calls when using GraphQL. In order to resolve coverage issues/limitations associated with Code Climate running coverage reports for this full-stack application, we had to intentionally include front-end dev dependencies in the root package.json file to ensure all frontend and backend tests ran from the single root package.json file.

What's next for Secret Santa

We are thinking of adding an extra feature of maps for the user convenience to reach the venue on time.

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