Hide-and-seek with an AR/VR twist using new capabilities of ARKit.

What it does

Teleport between the real world which opens up 3 portals to different VR worlds: forest, village, and dungeon. In each world there is a hidden crystal which you must collect. Opened portals remain between the VR world and reality allowing you to see through in both directions.

How we built it

ARKit plugin for Unity for AR with access to iOS' camera, location tracking, plane detection, etc. Created 3 virtual scenes using assets from Unity asset store. C# for scripting and traversing between worlds.

Challenges we ran into

Build process of Unity is very time and CPU consuming. ARKit not well documented especially for the C#/Unity plugin. Version control is hard with little Wifi and large project files.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Fully working game with 3 fully working scenes, no smoke and mirrors, come see! Cool portals seeing in both directions from real world to virtual world with pretty seamless transition thanks to ARKit.

What we learned

AR/VR concepts and challenges. The importance of good version control

What's next for Secret Portals

New environments, 2-player mode - one person hides crystals, one person seeks crystals, under time limit. F

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