Affirm, Klarna

What it does

In this form, just issue an interest-bearing lending asset. Exposed API endpoints can in turn allow integration with third-party real-world applications for Loan origination.

How we built it

We forked compound lending and made it compatible with the cosmwasm/Secret network.

Challenges we ran into

Creating front end interface as we don't have the resources for that. We would also like a protobuf expert onboard to help more.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Short time line to crack this and accomplishing the rust build.

What we learned

That the IBC upgrade and availability to AMM on cosmos can enable structured lending assets that are interest-bearing and or bonds for startups.

What's next for Secret Loan

  1. Plug in with a real-world POS lending application for loan origination
  2. Create API interfaces to interact with ACH/Stablecoins to facilitate real-world loans and collect Interest.
  3. Create structured, blended lending assets that are bundled based on balanced risk/reward ratio.
  4. Collateralization for non-credit score economies.

Built With

  • cosm-wasm
  • cosmos
  • secret-network
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