Secret Hitler (SH) began as an (extremely) successful Kickstarter project. SH has a Creative Commons License, and since its initial release, several online clones have been created. However, these online versions were intended to connect people from different rooms. So we thought, what if we could create a version where everyone could view a central screen of the SH board, while sending inputs through their phones? Let's bring the discord from a screen into real life!

What it does

Players (5 or greater) sit around a table. An iPad (or similar big screen device) sits on the center of the table, displaying the main game board. Everyone connects to the player input site on their phones and connects to the iPad. Everyone gets assigned a party, either Fascist or Liberal, and a Fascist gets assigned as Hitler. The program randomly assigns a President, that President chooses a Chancellor, and then everyone votes on the Government. The Presidency title moves clockwise, but things get exciting when the "President gets to choose next President" Fascist power-up is in play. Traditionally, the game ends when either 5 Liberal cards or 6 Fascist policy cards get placed on the game board, or when Hitler gets shot or made Chancellor. However, some of these functions have yet to be implemented in our system.

How I built it

We built our version of SH with ReactJS and SocketJS.

What's next for Secret Hitler - Party Game Interface

There are still several elements that we has not included, such as killing off players and the investigation round. Also, we used the image assets from the original game. We plan to create a simple, unique UI for both the central screen and the phones.

Built With

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