Ziyanda is a young woman from a food desert, CA. She belongs to an underserved and underrepresented community. Cleaning is her full-time occupation and the limited earning potential makes it hard to meet her basic needs. She doesn’t have enough income to afford any health insurance. As a result, it’s difficult for her to live with current health issues while she can’t afford any healthcare consultation. Lack of healthcare access in underserved communities is one of the major challenges for our society. This problem has further aggravated during the pandemic when our healthcare system got stretched and exposed. As a result, people ended up ignoring minor symptoms of larger problems. Access to interim care has become more critical and an effective solution to this problem can save lives. Our approach is very Patient-centric, and we want to build Health equity by leveraging Community Healthcare Workers and existing technology.

What it does

Anonymous platform to connect healthcare workers to the community to maximize medical outreach by integrating all the patients needing care in the specific area & all the community health workers to provide appropriate advice and consultations within a short window. It provides remote consultations with healthcare professionals via virtual visits and eVisits.

How we built it

After we locked our idea in place, we started building Figma designs and built our slide deck along the way, and revised as we received invaluable feedback from our mentors. We made our website including all the sections we wanted to add. Though all the perfect actions are not added yet, it simply summarizes our idea.

Challenges we ran into

Identifying segments and business model were initially challenging. Spending some time revisiting our stakeholder analysis helped us figure it out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of ourselves for how much we have accomplished despite the short time frame and the limited knowledge we have about the healthcare system.

What we learned

Going into the Hackathon, we had little understanding of how the healthcare system currently operates. We researched and reached out to a couple of our mentors at the Hackathon who are currently working to solve similar issues in the healthcare system.

What's next for Secret Doctors

We would like to do extensive research on demographics and funding models and hope to build a pilot in partnership with health and insurance providers, and with demographics who may find it harder to access health care at the current status quo.


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