I watch cop shows with my dad (white collar, person of interest), and there was an episode where there was this app that locked all the hacker secrets underneath. The idea of a "fake app" has stuck with me ever since.

What it does

It'll do your normal day to day calculations, while also serving as a doubly secured gate for your secret info. First gate is the pin entered from the number pad, and the second gate is Knurld's voice authentication.

How I built it

Android studio, along with the help of Knurld's sample app. I reduced a lot of intermediate steps that I thought wasn't necessary for the purpose of my app such as

  1. Registering for a new user
  2. Logging in

Instead, I'll handle all of that with generated IDs and let the user have a better experience. I also used Firebase to handle the audio uploading, as it was more pain free than Dropbox/Amazon alternative.

What's next for Secret Calculator

An image gallery! (and perhaps a better calculator, that would never hurt)

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