Investors really want to finance solar projects - but they don't understand the risks, so they don't! Wouldn't it be great if solar system owners could access the same reliable money that they can use to refinance their houses and cars?

What it does

Second Solar is a marketplace for solar securitization. This means:

  • Homeowners can refinance their solar panels and get instant cash, while retaining the benefit of cheap solar power
  • Investors can easily create bundles of solar systems with predictable risk and returns

The platform is built around our solar rating algorithm, which gives each solar system a standardised performance risk profile (SPRP) rating from A to D, based on factors including:

  • The warranty lifetime of the hardware
  • The manufacturer's reliability track record
  • Variability of actual measured system performance
  • Land use changes in the vicinity

When thousands of solar systems with similar ratings are bundled together, they become a predictable asset that can be financed by an investor.

How it works

When a homeowner wants to refinance their existing solar system, they sign up to the website, and our platform collects vital data from the system so we can estimate its performance. Our platform then estimates the price of the system, based on similar ones.

Investors, on the other hand, log into the website and look for systems to purchase. Second Solar allows them to compare the different solar systems so that they can optimise the balance between risk and return.

When investors make offers on particular solar assets, the user can choose the best offer. The homeowner balances their solar electricity price against the cash they will receive upfront from investors.

What this means for solar

The current market size for investing in residential systems based on new installations in 2015 is approximately 1M. Using our platform we can open the market to over 4 times that number! This will drive existing installations to come onto the market while accelerating adoption of new systems as well as people begin to see the value in owning or investing in solar.

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