We have seen several people while we were in schools, colleges or workplaces that face a lot of issues in order to communicate with others. They remain quite and are drifted away from groups and communities which often disconnects them with life. They start feeling empty and uncompleted which fills their mind with several negative thoughts that forces them to take painful and unnecessary steps. This not only affects their mental but also physical health that stops them from growing which may lead to serious mental issues such as depression, etc. So we have decided to make an AR app which shortens and ultimately vanishes the gap between these people and community. This app teaches the users the importance of peer to peer learning and team work which helps them to become a good team player and improve their communication skills along with their public personality.

What it does

Second Mind is an Augmented Reality based app that make it more interactive and immersive. It basically has five sections that helps an introvert or a normal user to improve communication skills and body language.

  1. Express Section - In this section we aimed of building a community where people can share problems and solutions that encourages peer to peer learning. Here, people can take guidance from experienced ones who have crossed a similar situation of mental fear and hesitation. Member of the community can discuss the difficulties they face while communicating with others and develop solutions that can help them to improve.

  2. Tutorials Section - In this section there are various filtered you tube videos that aim to improve communication skills and body language of individuals. There are various buttons that contains images related to various topics which the user can choose and a video related to that topic is played in the app itself. People can learn from this section and can implement their leanings in the real world which makes our app more practical.

  3. Lang Reality - This section is based on the ways to improve body language of an individual. As we know that there are some people who have moderate communication skills and feels it normal to communicate with others but then also there body language restricts them to do so. They think their body movements would not be liked by the public and due to this they keep themselves away from public. In this section there are various buttons depicting various postures that we often practice in our daily lives through text. Once a user clicks on the button a 3D model of the correct posture based on that situation is placed in the real world by using plane detection of Unity's AR Foundation. Some 3D models also contain animations depicting correct way to walk, sit, etc. that users can examine from all sides. In videos that aim to solve similar problems it becomes difficult to understand correct posture due to 2D view but in this app it is easier and faster.

  4. Virtual Confident - This is the most important section of our app. In this section the user can practice for a general interaction or communication based on a particular situation with a voice assistant that we have made using IBM-Watson and Unity. The voice assistant behaves as a human being and trains the individual to speak up in various situation. In this way it brings out their true self and help them to gain self confidence and courage.

  5. Tasks Section - This section contains various tasks that are aimed to build up the self confidence and ability to have effective communication with others. These tasks are leveled from 1 to 5. Once the user starts completing these his/her ability to interact with others increases. We have also designed a profile section where users can see their profile. Once a user completes a task he musk click on completed button which makes the completed task visible on his/her profile. By doing so profiles of the users are boosted and they gain more motivation to do more.

How we built it

We built it using Unity and C# as a base. We have used PubNub plugin to design the real time chat system and **IBM-Watson **to make our voice assistant. We have used various UI materials in Unity to make our app more interactive and immersive.

Challenges we ran into

It was difficult for us to integrate PubNub and IBM-Watson in unity as we were doing so for the first time but after a long struggle with errors we were able to finish our project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our app focuses to improve mental health and communication skills of individuals. We are happy that we were able to think a solution for the serious problems of depression and deteriorating mental health. We believe that once our work published publicly will definitely help our society and will make this world a better place to live.

What we learned

During this project we learned about different plugins that we can use in unity. We also learned about the importance of team work in a task.

What's next for Second Mind

In future we are thinking to host various competitions such as online Speech Competitions, Debate Competitions that will help people to improve further as challenges always ignites the fire within us and we always try our best to win over them. We are also thinking to introduce a mental health section which can help people to interact with several great doctors that can guide them about the ways to be mentally and physically fit.

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