My uncle moved to the USA this past month and he's been struggling with learning english. He can't have normal interactions with others if we are not there. He told me to find him a book and helping him but I decided to dedicate this project to help him

What it does

It is a personal assistant that will train you and ask you questions to help you get better

How I built it

I build it using javascript for the Lambda function which was new because I've never worked with it. It is hosted on AWS and it is run by their Alexa server. I also hosted a dynamo db to store the questions on there.

Challenges I ran into

I spent a whole day trying to learn how to create the lambda function and make it work. It looked at different tutorial and my interest helped me stay motivated.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I got it to work

What I learned

I learned a lot about the alexa and aws framework. There is so much that I've learned about Lambda functions, hosting online databases, and posting data from IOT devices to Azure.

What's next for Second Language

Add more features

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