Is to get SEC EDGAR data on company subsidiary relationship and find sentiment for investment

What it does

It reads SEC EDGAR data, evaluates company/subsidiary relationship for a particular quarter/year using corpcrawl python package open source in Bluemix, then uses the company subsidiary pair to evaluate sentiment towards mergers, acquistions, divestitures, investment, equity.

How I built it

We built an app in Bluemix with Python-Flask base, added corpcrawl and built with additional wrapper code. This was completed. Another app that took, company/subsidiary pairs and performed twitter sentiment analysis via Bluemix AlchemyAPI was implemented as well (currently in debugging). We also attempted to write additional app for twitter sentiment analysis with AlchemyAPI with Nodered in parallel.

Challenges I ran into

Understanding error messages and why apps were not instantiated in some cases

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Implementing a complex application with APIs, Bluemix platform, Twitter, Alchemy API, SEC EDGAR, Nodered, Flash, and getting it to work into a single application

What I learned

Cloudfoundry API, Bluemix debugging, nodered

What's next for SecAlpha

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