While transitioning from college of sciences and health profession to college of medicine, I noticed great difference in the quality of written exams. In the previous college, each subject had it's own exam, there I could see clearly that there is some set degree of difficulty for each question leading to a smooth curve. On the contrary in college of medicine where there is only one block exam that covers all subject, I noticed some times the entire exam is too easy and sometime it's too difficult, even the objectives were kind of random. That's when I wondered for the cause and realized that in this college, the block coordinator asks faculty from each subject to send questions, without the faculty getting a clear vision about the exam and the coordinator as well can't comprehend all multidisciplinary questions, resulting in a heavily impaired curve.

What it does

Sebar aims to solve this issue by providing a secure environment for Educators to create questions and submit them with necessary information. So coordinators could design exams based on what questions would best suit the curve utilizing persuasive technology and microuasions.

How we built it

Sebar was built using the following stack (Django + React + Redux + Mysql) and is hosted on DigitalOcean. I built it as the state of the art single-page-app and for a semi-serverless webapp.

Challenges we ran into

The most challenging this was coming up with the structure it self. Also the time was really challenging, especially since I have a neurology midterm this Sunday and had to manage my time accordingly. Another challenge is finding a library for showing the curve, going to self-develop it from scratch inshallah.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Proud of the firm site I developed and how clean and BestPractice the code is. Again proud of the time I managed to finish it, it used to take me an entire week to only set up the hosting server, let alone develop an entire website.

What we learned

Definitely learned how to manage time better. Learned more about assessment and the curve distribution while going through literature.

What's next for Sebar سِبار

Improve the UI and work on authorization. Then do a survey for the intended sample and find more literature to better approach the said issue. Lastly heading for education institution starting locally and some day globalize inshallah.

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