The major inspiration for this project was having fun,I was not much familiar with the process of unique avatar generators, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to learn more about it!

What it does

Seavatar is a Python library which generates beach-MLH themed avatars. The program outputs a unique SVG file and text for a string based on its hash.

How I built it

-The library was entirely developed using an android tablet . -The programming language used is Python -The project is made into a package and is published in pypi -The project code is available in Github -The IDE used was an app named Pydroid

Challenges I ran into

The major challenge was hardware constraints and my poor artistic skills,which is reflected a lot in this project.

Accomplishments that I am proud of

Major accomplishment would be the learning experience this was my first hackathon and I had a lot of fun.

What I learned?

I learnt more about SVG's how they work ,Python packaging and how hashing works etc

What's next for Seavatar

-Introducing more designs -Improving the codebase These are the two major things in my list

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