Sitting next to a screaming baby on a flight for seven hours and wishing that I could change seats and seeing open seats available.

What it does allows passengers to purchase upgraded seating in-flight for some or all of the flight duration.

How we built it

We utilized Panasonic's API to get seat occupancy data at the time plane doors are closed. We also used the API to pull flight number data and paired this with a third-party API to pull the seating arrangement. We then made a custom Javascript module to generate a seating chart, allowing users to select a seat to upgrade to. Frameworks used were Bootstrap, Angular and Node.JS.

Challenges we ran into

Not having enough time was one problem. Limitations on Panasonic's API. Some members of the team had never worked together before and it was some members' first times competing in a hackathon. It took us some to agree on an idea to go with initially. Just moved from Ireland.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Discovering an untapped multi-billion dollar market.

What we learned

We learned what cutting edge technology makes possible on planes. We also learned a lot about Panasonic's API and Braintree's API.

What's next for SeatSwap

We hope that Panasonic will adopt the technology which we've developed in order to improve flight passengers overall experience.

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