The ability to pay for a single ticket and experience the game from multiple locations can really enhance a fans experience.

During KINETiQ DIGITAL's daily tech standup the team came up with idea of enhancing the game experience without requiring more device screen time. We believe going to a ball game is about enjoying the company of others and the entertainment of the game. Being able to enhance what we feel is enjoyable about an Indians game was important to us.

What it does

Provides a "marketplace" for two people to be able to exchange seats halfway through the game. SeatSwap allows a user to browse through seats added to the marketplace, view an image taken from that seat, and also post seats to the marketplace if they are willing to swap.

How we built it

Java, parse, coffee, and beer.

Challenges we ran into

Technically, the benefits of Xamarin were negated by Parse's Xamarin Sdk's. In the real world, the logistics of how an actual swap takes place may provide some challenges.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We had a working app by Friday morning. It didn't feel normal to actually listen to other peoples pitches instead of hacking up until the last minute.

What we learned

Parse and Xamarin aren't friends.

What's next for SeatSwap

Continue development of the app to get it into the hands of actual fans. We want to help people enjoy their trips to the ball park even more than they do today!

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