Our inspiration: Our team member "Jingfei" just had a fight with another student for seat saving at Hedrick Study this Friday. Jingfei's seat was taken by that person because he was gone for so long. Jingfei's argument is that "spot saving is a latent rule." The other student's person's argument is that "you should never leave your stuff unattended." Since there seems to be no right or wrong in this case: 1) On one side, people shouldn't take the seat because someone else's stuff is there, and it is not other people's right to take or touch that person's stuff. 2) Yet if one leaves her/his belongings unattended, it is like discarding their stuff, so they need to bear the cost if the stuff is lost or moved. Moreover, availability of seats in the "blue house" in Hedrick Study is very low, it is always difficult to find a seat. It's a quiet place, but people coming to check for a seat in the room can really disturb people who study in the room.

What we do: An app installed on an ipad outside of the "blue house" in Hedrick Study.

What it does:

  • Shows availability of seats in the room before entering
  • Keeps track of which seats are available in the room
  • Let students reserve seats so that a reserved seat is solely for that student
  • Once you are done with studying, it lets you sign out of the room, and your seat is available to others again

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