Resurrection as a theme invoked a lot of images of nature in our team. Probably partially because the Finnish background of the majority of our team but also because nature is full of resurrection in a sense. For what are the four seasons if not a cycle of resurrection?

This in mind we started hammering our idea. Action? Puzzles? Survival? Atmospheric? Story driven?

What it does

In the end we went with light puzzles and atmosphere.

How we built it

We started with figuring out what kind of puzzles we wanted to have in the games and we ended up deciding that they'd be somewhat simple, as we didn't have the manpower, time nor the resources to do everything we originally wanted.

Challenges we ran into

Not enough time, one of our artists left which slowed the production a little.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The art turned out nice and that we managed to complete the project, even if it looked like it might not happen at times.

What we learned

Heaps. Some of us learned how to use Unity, some got better at Unity, some had to learn new art styles.

What's next for Seasons of Life

Not sure.

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