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We are all foodies in our group, and we were inspired to make a customized website to give all the foodies the chance to access 1000+ food recipes to create their own homemade dishes. The website works based on the client's searching for the name of a dish and then being able to access multiple recipes from different sources for the same dish. This gives food lovers an extensive variety of ways to cook the same dish. The users would then be able to purchase the fresh ingredients in the recipe to handcraft their favourite meal.

We have built the website by dividing the workload among our group, using PHP, Java, MySQL, HTML and CSS. One of the biggest challenges we had was to set up the connection to the DNS server of the website we got our domain on since domain from was not working. Despite all the challenges we had, we are proud of the overall website that we have made and especially as a team of all first-time hackers, it was a great experience for all of us working closely together on a single project.

We are hoping to continue the idea of Seasoning Shack and hopefully take it more seriously after reconsidering the revenue model of the idea.

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