Sears needs to drive more customers to their sites & make it a FUN and EASY shopping experience, in-store or online.

How it works

All Sears stores request an email address from customers, so they are signed up for targeted messages & a rewards program. Users are targeted by weekly or daily e-mails from Sears with a link to the daily "WOW" deals. These deals are presented in a "Game" format allowing them to quickly purchase or pass on certain items. However, simply by viewing the deals they are rewarded with points on their Sears rewards program. This generates an excitement and customers are excited, and even look forward to the daily "game"!

Challenges I ran into

Getting data and presenting the content in a visual format. Also just a challenge in coming up with an idea, Sears is ahead of the curve with their technology, unfortunately their current customers are not the target market for state-of-the-art tools & features.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have working IOS code and a proof of concept that dynamically pulls offers & data from the Sears Deal API.

What I learned

Learned Node.js and Apigee for writing my own web APIs. Also gained more experience with IOS libraries like AFNetworking, NJKWebViewProgressView,

What's next for SearsDeals

Implement as a web-app instead of locking down to just IOS device. A lot of customers in the Sears age-group do not have the Sears app and probably would not be persuaded to download it. Having this accessible from any device via a link in marketing e-mails would drive adoption.

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