Recently, I (Ash) bought a new house, and it comes with many appliances. Some of them I bought, but most of them, our builder purchased for us. Unfortunately, they didn't purchase all of them from Sears.

When things go wrong with the appliances, like the spring on the refrigerator lip getting stuck, or my toddler's tiny sock getting stuck in the drawer and making it not turn on, it's really frustrating to find the manuals, figure out if I still have a product warranty that I can use, or schedule a service request.

Presenting: SearsCares

We thought Sears could fix all of that with a simple, vertically integrated Appliance Protection plan, inspired by Apple's AppleCare (It's a known quantity, people have positive associations with their Apple warranty, why not use them?).

Web Landing

We imagine that people might leave a Sears showroom checkout and get a receipt for their purchase. They click through on the receipt and realize they're already part of SearsCares.


From here, they can click through to their dashboard, where they see all of the appliances they've purchased, along with warranty information, manuals, next maintenance steps, and even order service.

Web Dashboard

This would be great on it's own, but it'd be even better if it were all available on a clean, easy to use mobile application. And that's what our hack is.


Mobile Dashboard

After service requests are made, they show up right in the app, preventing you from having to talk to service people on the phone and hunt down your manuals, serial numbers, and model numbers for your appliances.


With SearsCares, your appliance / repair headaches are history.

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