For any couple, planning a very special event like a their wedding is hard enough. Between the event logistics and the horde of invitations that need sent, who has time to worry about another thing like setting up a gift registry?

That's why we created the Sears SimpleGift Registry. Curate and create a great gift registry, together with your partner, all from the comfort of you home. Choose from a multitude of products available across multiple Sears owned brands to build your gift list. Then simply select the friends and family you want to be notified about the registry. Each contact will receive a special link that they can use to collaborate w/ the others you've sent the registry to, on what to get and who is getting what (never receive duplicate gifts again that you're just gonna take back).

With our application, and the help of Sears, we are making it super simple to ask and be gifted the right items.


  • Syncing across registry list
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