To tackle the "Path to Purchase" challenge we decided to leverage social commerce & utilize the Sears top sellers api to build a platform that connects innovators with large companies through croudsourcing.

Modeling after Steam's highly-successful Greenlight program, we wanted to build a platform for innovators to receive validation and feedback on their ideas, and thought it would be mutually beneficial for large companies, since one of their biggest challenges is staying ahead of innovation.

This gives Sears exclusive access to the best ideas with real market validation & helps innovators connect to large companies to bring their ideas to life.

Bringing a great idea to market is a ton of work, especially for founders who also have to raise money & learn everything from scratch. This platform would connect innovators with companies like Sears with the specific resources they need to turn their prototypes into real product designs, determine product-market fit, solve their tooling & manufacturing problems, and find distribution in thousands of Sears and Kmart locations.

The platform is a single-page app built with Ember.JS running on the Firebase PaaS. We integrated the Sears top sellers api to help innovators perform basic market research around their ideas from the platform.

The application allows for users to register, login, post a project, view & search for other projects, vote for the ones they like, subscribe to updates, give feedback, & share on social media.

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