We got inspired by our own daily hassle of leaving work on a high frequented jam time. There is no application available that suggests you the right time to leave to avoid traffic and to safe valueable time. Upon only suggesting a good time to leave, we actually guarantee you to get the slot right by monitoring live traffic data instead of only historical data.

What it does

SeamlessMover is a web application which gives you the right time to leave your work to avoid traffic! You can safe valuable time by having a shorter commuting time.

To get all information needed from the user, SeamlessMover was developed as a virtual assistent with a chat interface.

How WE built it

We built it with Laravel, msql, javascript, jquery, gulp, node.js, vue, php7 and especially with the API of Here Web Services. Need more info? Just approach us!

Challenges We ran into

Smart technology needs intelligent algorithms. Until the last minutes before the submission, we fixed everything!

Accomplishments that We are proud of

Team Work, a great product which gives you real value and simplifies your daily life.

What's next for SeamlessMover

We wanna publish this web application to producthunt and similiar services because this SeamlessMover fullfills an actual need which should be addressed to more people around the world!

Web Services

Check out the docs to our web services at: You wanna know more about our mission? Check out

Want to check out our code?

Please approach us personally or send us an email to: We have an private github repository!

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