Seamless Study


Have you ever faced a situation where you have opened multiple tabs to complete your work but need to close your laptop.

Maybe your mom is calling for dinner or you need to take a break and then resume your study?

Do you find it annoying to close all the tabs and then reopen them once you are back? 😵‍💫😢

Or you might have researched some good websites for your Chemistry exam preparation but not in mood to study now?

So presenting before you a must-have Chrome extension: SEAMLESS STUDY! 😎

What it does:

Helps all the hardworking people out there by reducing their efforts in closing and reopening chrome tabs!

A chrome extension which helps you create a workspace of all the currently opened Chrome tabs and save them before you go for a break, so that when you are back to work, you can open them instantly in a click!

The best part: you need not close those tabs after saving, the extension gives you option to close all the open tabs after saving them.


  1. Create a session from all open tabs in just one click.
  2. The sessions can be restored at any later point of time. They will stored in local storage and will not be erased.
  3. Option to either close all the tabs after saving or to keep them open (in case you need to review them once).
  4. Option to name the sessions to avoid confusion
  5. Restore sessions multiple times or delete them after reading

What's next for Seamless Study

  • Add light/dark mode with multiple color themes.
  • Option to export the list of saved sessions
  • One click button to bookmark them
  • Sign-in option to sync the session list across multiple devices

Installation Process:

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Open chrome and go to chrome://extensions/ and turn on Developer mode
  3. Click on "Load unpacked" and load the cloned repository
  4. The extension will be now available on chrome
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