We aim to create a more enriching television watching experience for DirecTV users and keep them hooked on to it more than ever before. In this current world of constant social media interactions on different online platforms, the television watching experience is hampered due to the continuous distraction of smart phone notifications. We solve this problem through Seamless, an android app which tries to minimise the users need to move away from the television.

Important features :

  • PUSH NOTIFICATIONS ON TV : Pushes notifications from your messenger applications such as FB Messenger, Whatsapp, SMS messenger and Gmail on your phone to the TV seamlessly as an overlay. By viewing the notification on TV, the user can choose to reply on the smartphone. You control what gets pushed to your TV.

  • AUTOMATIC PAUSE/PLAY: Pauses the channel when the user interacts with his/her phone and resumes normal relay when the user the puts phone down.

  • SHAKE for TRIVIA, TOP TWEETS : Dull point during a game or movie? Shake the phone to bring up an interesting piece of trivia from IMDB for a movie, or a popular trending tweet during a game.

  • REMOTE CONTROL : Provides all the important features of a TV Remote. No need to reach for another remote!

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