Our inspiration came from one of our team members, Sidharth who attends Cal Maritime. The idea came to him after hearing about a merchant mariner sailing with Military Sealift Command who committed suicide on the USNS Amelia Earhart, after talking to one of his professor he came to find out they were an alumni from the academy. Further discussion with the professor as well as discussions ongoing within the industry as how to tackle the mental health crisis at sea especially with crew changes being postponed due to the risk of COVID-19 contamination.

What it does

Keeps track of mood every time a survey is attempted, with logs and entries and the mood for that survey (from Great to Very Bad). It also stores the name of the user when they use the app for the first time.

How I built it

All of the development happened in Android Studio.

Challenges we ran into

New APIs that were never dealt with, such as Room database, and other features like SharedPreferences, also many team members were learning Android Studio and even Java programming for the first time. XML formatting was also a new challenge for many, but was a fun experience to learn how to format elements in the android activities.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

We put something together that is launch-ready, that has one of the features we wanted to incorporate, which is mood/mental-health tracking.

What we learned

For many, this is the first time they learned how to navigate an IDE like Android Studio and dealt with repositories like Git and Github. Also learned robust XML formatting for activities.

What's next for Sealife Better

Ideally in the future Sidharth hopes to pick the project back up hopefully with the backing of one or more of the various Unions or Companies involved with Merchant shipping in the US and internationally.

Our Teams Info

Jose Garcia - UC Riverside '21 - Chemical Engineering -
Sidharth Kumar - CSU Maritime Academy '23 - Mechanical Engineering - William Wang - UC Davis '23 - Computer Science -
Jessica Yu - UC Berkelely '22 - Computer Science

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