I wanted to create lens for tourism promotion so I choosed US for example.

What it does

You can fly like a seagull over three different backgrounds with your head movement and see your eyes and mouth on the screen.

How we built it

First I cut and optimized videos for the background. Then connnect them to be switchable on screen tap. After that I made seagull animation and cut ony parts so animation is smooth and seagull sometimes flap or glide. Also you can hear seagull's sound on radnom too.

Challenges we ran into

Main problem was transition between videos. When there isn't anything between they flick everytime so I made small flashy transition which was ok at the end and sortof cool.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Whole project was success and I plan to build more simlar lenses with different birds and locations.

What we learned

I learnd video implementation and possible problems and solutions.

What's next for Seagull flyover

I will build more lenses for different locations, will start with Croatia to present all nature wonders we have :)

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