Living in and around the ocean and worrying about how climate change is disrupting the normal patterns of life.

What it does

Sea Change uses controlled randomness to generate an ocean scene with background music based on realtime data from NOAA.

How we built it

Javascript with Tone.js, Magenta.js & Phaser. Audio samples from Splice.

Challenges we ran into

Learning these libraries, which are new to us. And learning them well enough to execute on the plan. These libraries can be hit & miss when it comes to documentation. Often, it requires reading through source code.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It actually works! Mostly :-)

What we learned

How to use these very useful libraries and an understanding of what's possible using the Magenta framework.

What's next for Sea Change

We would like to continue making similar simulations. In a way, treating each simulation as a produced track. This hackathon got us to produce what will hopefully be a good starting point!

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