Tabtastic - Guitar Chord Sheet Sharing Site

Assignment for WebTechnologies SE3316

A web application to share guitar song chords sheets.


  • Landing welcome notification on entry of the app
  • Authentication – Implemented using Auth0, with 3rd party authentication
  • Unauthenticated users can browse public cord sheets
  • Logged in users can see public and their private chord sheets
  • Clicking on a listed tab opens it in Tab view
  • Tab display shows multiple details about tab including:
  • Chordpro formatted sheet, Version number that increments each time tab is edited, time created and last time modified
  • Button to edit tab (is owner is current user logged on)
  • Button to delete tab (is owner is current user logged on)
  • Edit view to change tab details (edit sheet, change name, private or public, etc.)
  • Full screen tab view
  • Usable on mobile
  • Unicode and Sanitized Inputs
  • Security and private policy

How I built it

Mean Stack Angular2 w/CLI, Express, MongoDB (Mongoose)


Labeled as Lab 5 in my SE3316 repository

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