While data is much needed in our efforts to maintain a sustainable way of fishing, some methods do well as they present layered bureaucracy and unintuitive way of obtaining data. One key example is the Catch Certificate or Sertifikat Hasil Tangkap Ikan which was made by the ministry of maritime affairs and fishery to combat illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing especially among domestic vessels. However them method is cumbersome as so many data filled is redundant and digitizing the data is hard as well as it is hand written on paper.


Fishbit offers an interoperability platform that will house more efficiant ways of gaining data for those involved such as the fisherman, and the people entrusted to verify catches as is done within the working system of the Catch Certificate. What Fishbit does is minimize writing so that data can be collected easier and lessen the burden of bureaucreacy for the fishermen.

Data collected will not only be for verifiers but also maintained for scientist, NGOs, and governing bodies. As the issue of sustainability is an effort done together, the data that supports this cause should not be segmented and kept within borders.

This is done with using prepared data tags with RFID which have the needed data for example: A vessel has many data such as Vessel ID Number, Inmarsat Number, Flag-home port and Registration number. Fishermen do not need to write it down each team instead tap the RFID to record the data for that particular voyage.

This service can be extended to estimate of catch and classication of fish by photo (photo of weight or catch itself), GPS logging, and other information that Officials need to verify a sustainable catch.

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