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This project was created in 36 hours during a hackathon at UCSD. The team's interest in machine learning drove us to use the Clarifai API for image and video recognition. To implement a user input facility and wide range of front end and back end technologies, we developed a web application involving Python (backend) and HTML, Bootstrap framework, CSS, JS, and flask (frontend).


  • Clarifai's API methods were difficult to implement, especially in removing images/duplicates off of the server and storing variables for output
  • Dealing with free, limited usage of Clarifai API
  • Connecting the backend to front end using specific functions
  • Inability to find a specific enough dataset and having to make our own specific one

Installation + Interaction

  • Create an API key through Clarifai, and insert it into the variable "myApi" in LocalHost.py
  • Run the file LocalHost.py to run a local host server on your computer
  • Enter "localhost:5000" into your web browser address bar
  • Paste an image address (url) into the text area on the webapp and press 'Enter'
  • Use the carousel slideshow to navigate through your three recommendations


  • Self-created dataset
  • User input facility


  • Create a website link; an established domain
  • Insert more variety of images in dataset per location
  • Insert more locations in the dataset
  • Inputs users URL to train dataset further

CLARIFAI - API Reference

Various Documentations:

Online Documentation: https://clarifai.com/developer/guide/

PDF Documentation: https://media.readthedocs.org/pdf/clarifai-python/latest/clarifai-python.pdf

Language References: https://clarifai.com/developer/reference/

Visual Similarity: https://blog.clarifai.com/search-images-by-visual-similarity-with-the-clarifai-api


Visual Similarity: https://blog.clarifai.com/search-images-by-visual-similarity-with-the-clarifai-api

Website Aesthetics: https://codepen.io/

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