Ismail Alam

Eric Chen

Son Tang

Jeffrey Phung


This is a Twitch chat bot that parses incoming Twitch messages and uses that to create Mad Lib styled sentences that will display in Twitch chat. In addition to this, we have utilized the default Twitch emotes keywords. So whenever a keyword is typed, the respective emote will display in the Mad Lib sentences.

[List of default Twitch emotes]

Another feature of this bot is the ability to record the number of messages in chat in certain time intervals. This can then be used to determine when the stream is popping off: to record and find highlights quicker and easier.

Finally, we have implemented a way to gather Reddit posts relevant to the stream content.

Overview: - Handles all the logic to parse Twitch messages - the driver - Connects to channel room - Twitch IRC Authentication - Python Socket Connections - Default Mad lib sentences


-Python 2.7.*


How to run:


Commands list:

!help - lists commands

!liquidslam - generates Mad Lib

!restart - restarts bot

!ping - returns PONG

!shutdown - shutdowns bot

!msgrecord - records frequency of messages in a given interval (seconds)

!kappa - shows how many kappas you've kapped

!red - search for a relevant reddit post

REMEMBER TO: change the pass, ident, and channel values in!

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