SD Hack 2018 Project Summary


  • Name: EdgeOmelette
  • Members:
    • Michael
    • Niyonika
    • Sakura
    • Vie

About EZSign

EZSign is a project that is dedicated to bring accessibility of legal contract signing process to individuals' daily lives. After comparing existing products in the industry, we found out that DocuSign Developer API has most of the features we need to accomplish our project objectives.

Since DocuSign is B-to-B model and doesn't apply functionality that can populate standard templates for individual accounts, the primary goal of our project is to feature out a way to dynamically generate templates for new user accounts and allow them to receive the same convenience that most employers who use DocuSign enjoy.


The project is written in Xcode version 9.4.1. To install and run the project, you need to have an installed cocoapods with version 1.3+

pod install Podfile


EZSign is currently demoing at table K-6. Come checkout our live demo of our new concept app.

Functionalities inside the app:

  • Template Dynamic Generator
  • Contract Creator
  • Automatic Signing Process

Built with

  • Alamofire (Web requesting framework)
  • Flask (Web Scraping)
  • SwiftyJSON (JSON Serialization framework)

Built With

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