Inspiration: The UN SDG perspectives and your contribution for the people make the importance of people preserving the planet using the AI resources.

What it does: based on the AI resources the people can be change your mind, customers and collaborate for preserving the planet following the UN SDG topics. Using the gamification and virtual coins, with the possible for increasing the blockchain wallet on the future.

How I built it: Creating the rafts with mockups, searching about references about each UN SDG and your importance for the current world scene. Later, I create the screens and programming on end-to-end structure with better scripting languages for climb the performance for opensource tools, packages and resources.

Challenges I ran into: The combination for better resources, packages and giant details for each resource working with the best performance for PC, Android and iOS on the same time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: Since the idea and the capacity for explained all the concept for this project. And the possible for continue this with others developers, designers and professionals for different areas on this project.

What I learned: I learned about UN SDG references, websites, articles, existent tools, communities, campaigns all possibles to combine the better programming tools for the apply on this project.

What's next for SDGs AI Platform Sustainable: On the future, increasing more tools for identify the AI comportment with UX experience for beta users on the all platforms. Separating the APPs for each UN SDG on the mobile devices or combine one, two or three tools for modeling the better helping on the each user works on the UN SDG platform.

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