What it does

SDBot is designed to assist the enterprise service desks. This bot can be used to do tasks like log issue/ update issue done by SD teams with much ease and convenience. It can be used to increase the efficiency of Service Desk by delegating the simple tasks to the bot. We have assumed generic enterprise/firm for the test and development purposes. Our idea was to make the simple to be integrated. The bot can be used to do the following operations • log an issue • get ticket details • Update ticket details • Close ticket

How we built it

We built it using lex, lambda, slack, ses Lex- to build the conversations Lambda - to validate and fulfill the intents Slack - As a channel which can be used by users to communicate with the bot SES- Amazon SES to send and receive emails

Python is the language we developed in.

Challenges we ran into

First to interpret different kinds of prompt so that bot. We have increased utterances so that the bot is more flexible

What we learned

We have learned Serverless programming style, Lex.

What's next for SDBot

As of now, we can log ticket using the bot. We are planning to include more intents where the SDBot can perform actions to resolve the issues that have defined steps of resolution.

Built With

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