A comprehensive collection of ways to connect with your constituents. Get the word out. Keep your followers up to date even to the minute on their smartphones and tablets. Viewable on any mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphones and Tablets, Blackberries and more), this application displays realtime Twitter and YouTube content plus content from official San Diego City government sources including official RSS feeds, Photos and Videos. This app is designed to run as a web app(no installation necessary) so that it can be enhanced and updated easily and transparently to the User.

Primary design objectives are easy navigation and lightweight code, so any latencies should be purely due to gathering on-demand data and not due to the application itself.

The application is also designed so that if the User desires, only specific pages can be "bookmarked" so the page can be opened directly without navigating the rest of the application, but viewing the full application or viewing other Councilmen requires the User to enter through the main Table of Contents.

Although there are considerable advantages as a web app running in the browser, an unavoidable minor defect in today's technology may cause a link to be unresponsive temporarily. This can be addressed easily by simply refreshing the page, then tapping on the link again.

Videos note: YouTube content should be viewable on any device, but official SD City videos are encoded using WMV which is ordinarily not supported on any other than Windows devices.


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