we got the date of the hackathon wrong lmao so this is ~8h of work sadge


  • We want to create a space where students can ask questions and collaborate sociably despite staying at home. We feel that one of the biggest problems students face these day is the issue of mental health, and one of the leading contributors could be the fact that students are forced to stay home and study with limited social interaction, learning only through text-based online lessons or limited zoom classes.

What it does

  • The user inputs a question they want answered, or a topic they want to know about and we will pair you up with someone we feel can both answer your question and also has a question you could answer in turn.
  • Users can choose to either use text to answer the question, or use a video chat function instead

How we built it

  • We scraped Stack Exchange and various question banks for questions, and fed them into our NLP model
  • The frontend was created using Flutter so that we can create a web, android and IOS application seamlessly.
  • The backend was created using Flask

Challenges we ran into

  • Limited time to work on the app, since all of us were busy at this period of time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Learning and working with new languages
  • Working on and creating a proof of concept of an idea which we strongly believe
  • Had lots of fun working on this application together

What we learned

  • Better time management

Built With

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