We wanted to build an ecosystem for the Py Pizzeria to do online ordering as currently the only way to order a pizza is to call ahead. As working with web apps was a first for all of us, we decided to go for a more minimalistic approach to ordering in order to add some interesting constraints and making the overall website easier to build after we designed it!

What it does

It is a website that, once a user signs up, will allow them on any subsequent visit to order a cheese pizza in less 4 clicks at minimum! It has an extremely user friendly interface that makes it easy for anyone to use! We store the user's Galileo account information and use it to purchase pizzas from our provider. Once the purchase happens, we send a text message to the pizza place with the purchaser's name and address so that they can make the delivery.

How we built it

The two main bits we wanted to use when we were building this were the Flask api because we wanted to try our hands at web development and the Galileo api because it seemed to align with our vision for what we were going to build. We also used ngrok to pipe web traffic to our localhost so that computers other than the host could access the website and so that webhooks would function correctly.

Challenges we ran into

The Galileo api was extremely hard to use. It would log us out if we were inactive for a few minutes and sometimes the documentation or dashboard itself would straight up go down and become unavailable for periods of time, which made it hard to develop for. It was also hard to integrate the SQLite database in and use it to store and retrieve user information. It also took a long time to figure out how regex expressions to work as we were using them to sanitize some of the login fields.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to make a really solid website for our first go at flask!! It looks really nice and all of the functionality we wanted showed up in the finished product! We were able to shoot for a base case and add on extras once we finished that which made it less stressful. The other HUGE thing is one of our team members spent 16 hours and built upon the Galileo API to make his own python package that is able to easily create and manage accounts using the Galileo API using python code. It has a much cleaner syntax and works beautifully!

What we learned

We learned a LOT about regex, flask, twilio and the Galileo api!! We basically started from scratch on every point and in the end we came out with a solid project that, if worked on a bit longer, could become a marketable product!

What's next for Scuffed Pizza!

If we add more encryption to our database and tidy up the website a bit more, we really could have an easy to use product that we could market to a place like the Py Pizzeria to allow anyone to order their delicious pizza online and greatly expand their profit margin!

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