Most of us enjoy pool parties and barbecue in summer and it is really annoying when pool is not clean or is chemically imbalanced not only causing skin irritation but also ruins the whole party mood. This is the reasi=on why we created scuba


Taking care of your swimming pool is high maintenance. Constant checks on chlorine and pH levels and is big hassle for many people, as it involves taking a sample of my pool's water to the local pool shop every week to test and get the requirements of how much chlorine to add.

We wanted to simplify this process using home automation so we could enjoy all the benefits of a clear pool, without any of the high maintenance work.

That's why we created our own pool monitoring system and chlorine dispensing device to always know when the pool needed extra chlorine, and than automatically add the chlorine in itself. This ensures that the pool is always chemically balanced, looking crystal clear, and perfectly safe to swim in.

We also connected this project to my Amazon Echo, by creating a Pool Manager Alexa Skill, so we can check on the pool and add in extra chlorine just through voice commands!


It starts with the Pool monitoring device collecting data from the pool. This data is then sent over the Sigfox Network and configured into an AWS DynamoDB table. Once the table is populated with data, the user can initiate the Alexa Skill from their Amazon Echo Device. This skill calls a Lambda function that reads the pool data from the DynamoDB table, processes it, then gives the outcome to the user. Also, the Alexa skill is able to initiate a different part of the Lambda function that triggers a IFTTT Applet. This IFTT Applet then triggers the Chlorine dispensing device (further details later) which begins to add Chlorine into the pool. The user is able to control all these functions while engaging in conversation with the Amazon Echo device.


We will try to incorporate BBQ manager into scuba so that we can control temperature and timing of barbecue with the help of alexa.

Built With

  • amazon-alexa
  • amazon-web-services-aws-lambda
  • arduino
  • aws-dynamodb
  • aws-iot
  • iftt
  • ifttt-amazon-alexa-services
  • sigfox
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