In the Milenial era, consumers are becoming more and more interested in the stories behind a product and do not settle with only the quality of it. Ensuring the authenticity/appellation of origin of that and making visible the process that reminds behind we are able to give more value to a brand's product.

What it does

SCTS stands for "Supply Chain Tracking System". STCS is a Smart Contract framework to keep tracking of products from the raw materials to the shopping stage. This system is powered by the Ethereum Blockchain, so it's fully distributed, immutable and auditable.

Every Product in SCTS is represented in a Smart Contract, which keeps track of actions being made by Ethereum accounts. The community in charge of SCTS (could be a government, a consortium or even a DAO) can register this account as official SCTS Product Handlers, so their identity is stored in the Blockchain being impossible for fake producers or suppliers to cheat and sell products in the name of a registered Brand.

Because of this, any costumer, government or regulatory institution can scan a QR code in the product packaging, which identifies the Smart Contract representing the exact unit of the Product, or even introduce the address of the Smart Contract, and be able to track and audit all the life of the Product.

But there's more. Anyone will be also able to introduce the code of a SCTS Product Handler and see all the actions this individual or institution has performed on SCTS Products, empowering a more transparent and fair global economic system.

How we built it

We only used for this project Ethereum Smart Contracts (written in Solidity), and a little web server serving static files which are actually being executed at client side, granting 100% credibility because you're directly interacting with the Blockchain.

Challenges we ran into

3/4 of the team members never developed a Blockchain application before. They've learnt so fast and have had to adapt their minds to the way of working with the internet 3.0. Writing applications that only run in client side is more difficult than it seems, you've really limited resources and code and concepts should be really well structured.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of being able to accomplish a Proof of Concept for a global Supply Chain Tracking System, which is decentralized, transparent and fully auditable. For us, it would be a great advance in avoiding product piracy and empower fair trade.

What we learned

3/4 of the team learnt how to code a decentralized application, but more important than that, we learnt that we are such a great team and we'll be able to work together in real impact projects.

What's next for Cue

Build a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) which manages the acceptance of new handlers and the maintenance and improvement of the system and its related structures.

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