We are all very interested in cybersecurity and server maintenance, so we wanted to create an application that will let users view important system information at a glance, all in one place.

What it does

Scry is a web application that allows users to quickly check open ports, logins, and critical system information about their server from any web browser, anywhere.

How we built it

For the back end, we created a Python application to collect and store various types of system data using MongoDB and serve that data to the front end using a REST API. For the front end, we created a ReactJS application that retrieves that data and displays it for the client.

Challenges we ran into

Storing and managing real-time data asynchronously with MongoDB and ReactJS was a challenge that needed to be overcome.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of figuring out a way to send data to the front end using our REST API provided by the back end. We're also proud of devising a system of gathering system info and storing it in a database, and the short amount of time it took to achieve this.

What we learned

We learned how to store and provide data collected from the back end to the front end using a REST API and MongoDB, and then present that data in a useful format.

What's next for Scry

We plan to continue working on Scry and maintaining it as an open source project under the MIT License. We also plan to work on similar projects involving cyber security and server maintenance together as a group.

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