Corona made us all work a lot remotely. And agile project management is a lot harder in remote situations.

  • It's difficult to reach people for pull-request reviews and updates and to stay in the loop
  • It's very hard to manage code on the go remotely (review pull-requests, make small changes)
  • There needs to be some other concept than pull-requests to maintain code integrity / safety and still keep developers productive.

What it does

Scrummy helps with project management. Daily Standup, Planning, and knowing what's going on without spending a lot of time in online meetings.

How we built it

With time ... lots of ... but still not enough

Challenges we ran into

It's not always possible to add stuff to the Atlassian UI where you would want it to be.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works and looks cool (could be better, but given the limited time we are happy)

What I learned

A lot about team collaboration while building a team collaboration app :-)

What's next for Scrummy

  • Focus on collaboration and management features.
  • Mobile app with mobile ready code editor to manage teams on the go with smartphone or tablet.
  • Bringing development and continuous delivery to the mobile.
  • Deeper integrations into JIRA and bitbucket.
  • Improved AI search for the whole project (JIRA, Confluence, Commits, Code Comments) - we have a beta going, but it needs improvement
  • More gamification
  • Integrate different time management ideas and other fancy team management features

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