Lots of times when I go to a Hackathon, the division of labor for teams could be quite different. I wanna do my own thing and have someone more focused on his task. Now I did this SCRUM management space on Jira.

What it does

Keep track of what your Hackathon team does, assign tasks to them, and also create timelines if you want to pursue this project further after a Hackathon. Manage workflow and overview of the entire project basis and measure it on an analytical level.

How I built it

Added the HipChat, and Aha! Charts integration. Customized the wiki page. Edited the screen flow and scheme types for workflows. Created and edited the field types. Edited features in the Jira core & cloud integrations

Challenges I ran into

This was done in the course of few days with me working on many other things. That being said, because of limited time it isn't as good as I wanted and not so much custom development was involved. However, it still fulfils its purpose and for the time I spent on it, it was done fairly well.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It took a short time to accomplish my goal and this is something I can customize much more later on

What I learned

I learned a bit more about the Jira interface and Atlassian's many integrations besides BitBucket

What's next for SCRUM Management for Hackathon Teams

Hopefully publish this app on the integrations section if I have time to customize it more and maybe even create a series of customized API calls.

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