First we were like "Let's do something with ergonomy for the workplace". But we soon realized that this was not OUR way to go and gamification won't "work" here... We wanted to create something we would actually like to use ourselves on an everyday basis. We all have to read a lot due to our jobs and studies. Therefore, our idea was to create a fast reading app, which is super intuitive and most of all: FUN! Have you ever tried the logitech scroll wheel? Man, you wish for longer pages and more scrolling! Especially because you can go fast without feeling bad! And get stuff done more quickly!

What it does

It is a tool supporting fast reading. It's easy to use: Just select some text on any application, press the side button and read it up to 3x faster! Scrollvolution will analyse the text and align every word on the same position so your eyes can finally rest and don't need to do that "ping pong line reading" thing. Now just scroll. It is scientifically proven. By Scientists. Or at least by us. And we are kind of scientists ourselves.

How we built it

Mostly with sleep deprivation. But Red Bull was giving us wings. We used python and the UI-framework Kivy. Furthermore we used some code from the open source project "Spritz". And of course the Logitech Input Device Monitor SDK.

Challenges we ran into

What challenge did we not ran into? We had them all. Even the ones fixable with turning the computer off and on again.

ACHIEVEMENTS we unlocked

First UI built with python. First accidential built virus. First Hackathon for Natalie. Consumation of astonishing amounts of sugar and coffein.

What we learned

That we are a hell of a team <3 And that you can accomplish anything with the right people and the right mindset.

What's next for Scrollvolution

We will scroll on!

Built With

Built With

  • kivy
  • logitechinputdevicemonitorapi
  • python
  • win32
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