All across America they’re are students in classrooms that have trouble understanding what they’re instructors are saying. This could be for many reasons. The obvious one would be that the student is hearing impaired or even deaf. However there are other reasons why a student may have issues understanding a teacher such as, learning disabilities, brain injuries and English Second Language students.

What it does

It allows the user to record his screen with audio, while as he is talking showing the subtitles of what he is saying at the bottom of the screen.

How we built it

To make "Scroll" we used Java to code in Eclipse. We used VOCE: open source speech interaction API's to make the speech to text working. We used Maven to access the vlc plugins.

Challenges we ran into

Applying different speech to text API's working and making the program use the acoustic model and dictionary directly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made the "Basic" shell of the program working, where the screen is recorded with audio.

What we learned

How to use command line, maven to access vlc plugins and apply multiple high level API's in our code.

What's next for Scroll

Incorporating an acoustic model and dictionary directly, where it will allow the teachers words to be displayed on the screen while he is talking, without the need of the huge grammar based file. Incorporating multiple language dictionary's, for the out of United States use.

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