We were inspired by a no longer maintained add-on in the Atlassian marketplace and the fun in coding.

What it does

Scroll ImageMap makes static Confluence images interactive by letting users add multiple clickable regions within them. These regions support mouseover tooltips and can connect readers to Confluence content or external URLs. Key Features • Draw square, circular, and abstract polygonal link regions directly on Confluence images • Place multiple links on a single image • Link to Confluence or external content • Add popup mouseover tooltips to explain your content • Get started quickly with a simple and intuitive UI Scroll ImageMap use-cases are nearly limitless, including landing pages, menus, charts, diagrams of all kinds, UI mockups, and much more.

How we built it

The idea was born as part of a internal K15t Software hackaton called "Häcketse" (please ask a swabian german to explain this name to you)

Challenges we ran into

We identified some missing features in the Atlassian connect framework... discussed those with the connect team and yeah found a solution :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Basically "what we learned".

What we learned

How to built a Atlassian Cloud add-on in a way we can re-use nearly all code to get it running as a server add-on as well maintaining a single code basis.

What's next for Scroll ImageMap

Looking forward to customer feedback and of course implementing new awesome features.

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