It was two ideas that started Chris Brooks adventure: card games and MahJong. After many salty conversations with a lost companion added with the panic of the unknown, one programmer headed out to QuackHack solo. After many brainstorming sessions that started from a card game to board games, it finally lead to the eventual evolution of the Scrabble spin-off: Scrobble (with a hint go MahJong flare). Soon did he learn though that ducks never fly alone. With his new found companions: Craig Totten, Omar Alamoudi, Sara Eilenstine, and Alec Savoy, Scrobble started forming and growing with every added idea.

What it does

Challenges players to think of the unconventional words.

Challenges we ran into

Everything. Broken. To sit and work through these breaks and code onward! Piece by piece. Creating a menu system for the game, specifically borders! Not really having version control experience and backing up our data through various methods. The fact we implemented a player_one and a player_two state and would have changed it to a variable instead.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The theory to the game in general and its mechanics with the pursuit to challenge people. The Intro Cinematic! The fact we were able to implement background music, sound effects, and a trailer was fun to have available. The project management we continuously followed throughout the course of the QuackHack was just unbelievable. Before starting, we utilized what we call the "yellow board." We were bouncing off ideas and realizing what was "Wishful Thinking" and what was possible. We were always asking ourselves if it was something viable to accomplish over the course of a weekend. The experience of working in a team and bouncing off each other's strengths while collaborating in an effort to create something wonderful.


We did not utilize any licensed gaming engine to create our platform. Our game is based off our graphic designer's creation of the board, it's pieces, and our programmers utilizing Java/Python.

What we learned

We learned the critical and valuable lesson (without any catastrophes) about version control. We also learned the lesson on why we make //comments in our code.

What platform does it run on?

Windows, Macintosh, Touch Screen compatible Surface Pro

What's next for Scrobble?

If Scrobble were to continue, we would implement a networking system to be able to play other people on different computers. We would add a wild card and a past log of words that were previously played. Perhaps make a mobile phone application and highlighting the tiles that the players choose on the board.

Built With

  • alienware
  • and
  • audacity
  • blender
  • collaboration
  • eclipse
  • gameon
  • gimp
  • ibetyoureadallofthis
  • java
  • keywords
  • loads-of-monster
  • macintosh
  • meta
  • my-brain
  • nosleep
  • pixlr
  • python
  • surface-pro
  • tags
  • team-brain
  • teamwork
  • usb
  • without-the-black-pen
  • yellowboard
  • your-brain
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