We have seen hundreds of thousands of people request digital versions of the New Testament. We found that many of them had questions about what they were reading, and wanted to talk to Christians from their culture and in their language. Providing a chat application makes those conversations safe, secure, and possible!

What it does

The app is a simple Bible reader with the scripture in the local language, and a simple Chat application that allows the user to live chat with Christians who are standing by. We also built the back end interface to allow the Christian responders to log in securely and manage the queue.

How I built it

We built the app interface using React Native so that it was cross platform and easy to use on both Android and iOS. We also used Firebase as the backend chat database. We spent a lot of time thinking about security and possible vulnerabilities in the system and attempting to keep user privacy absolutely secure.

Challenges I ran into

Security is a hard problem to solve. There is always a new angle to consider.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A team from around the world came together to basically build three pieces of software (Bible Reader, Chat application, and Backend Chat managing tools) and make them work together.

What I learned

This project will continue to grow and develop and from all this hard work. There will definitely be people who will hear the Gospel for the first time because of the work done this weekend.

What's next for Scripture Distribution for the Middle East

We will continue to develop, and test the application in more stressful and larger scale environments. We will need to train a team of local Christians to man the response desk, and we hope to deploy the app early next year.

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